Frankenstein NT Live Reviews

Media Update – Marie Straub – 12 April 2011
Go, watch Mary Shelley’s creation myth come to life in truly breathtaking fashion.

Arts Link – Peter Feldman – 10 April 2011
The lighting adds immeasurably to the mood of the piece and the two actors are both absolutely magnificent in the reading of their roles.

Movie – Kimberley Lindbergs – 8 April 2011
Benedict Cumberbatch was also remarkable as Frankenstein … The actor’s ability to convey analytical thought is mesmerizing. You can literally see the wheels in his brain turning as he speaks.

Post Sharon Eberson – 7 April 2011
As a whole, the gothic shockfest was most effective and disturbing when Mr. Cumbertach was in the throes of learning the amoral ways of man and still yearning for love and life.

The Arts Fuse – Joann Green Breuer – March 2011
The miracle of Cumberbatch’s representation is that the Creature’s serpentine soul and dessicated tendons’ origin never completely disappear.

The Linc – 23 March 2011
From the very beginning of the play, the audience is engrossed into one of the best on-stage performance’s in recent times, it truly has to be seen to be believed.

 The Collective Review – Mark Davison – 22 March 2011
It’s where the creature and creator meet that the play becomes exceptional.

LeftLion – March 2011
Both Cumberbatch and Miller make excellent monsters, and doctors.