The Sign of Three Reviews

The Independent – Neela Debnath – 5 January 2014
The Sign of Three was packed to the rafters with wit and comedy. 

The Telegraph – Michael Hogan – 5 January 2014
It was a bravura performance by Cumberbatch: his Holmes was kind, wise and witty, yet childishly jealous and endearingly naïve.

The Guardian – Sam Wolfson – 5 January 2014
If it wasn’t for all that darn social ineptitude he’d be Mr Darcy

Digital Spy – Emma Dibdin – 5 January 2014
He’s painfully human and tender. It might feel like a jarring shift in the character if Cumberbatch’s performance weren’t so internally consistent, but as it is every startling moment of vulnerability just sings.

Den of Geek – Louisa Mellor – 5 January 2014
Realising he was loved by John thawed Sherlock out, which left him, for the first time, vulnerable to loneliness.