Parade’s End – Episode 2 Reviews

The Independent – Grace Dent – 8 September 2012

Parade’s End, I believe, is one of the finest things the BBC has ever made. Shower it with Baftas and Emmys.

Push it proudly in the world’s face and say, “This is us.”

The Guardian – Sam Wollaston – 1 September 2012

Top telly – thoughtful, intelligent, beguiling.

The Telegraph – Serena Davies – 31 August 2012

Director Susanna White is making a drama of poetic sensibility, understatement and a deeply sad sense of the richer lives people would have led had they been born into different times. I think it is the finest drama the BBC has given us all year.

Den of Geek – Louisa Mellor – 31 August 2012

Taking all that from page to screen is ambitious to say the least, but judging by these first two episodes, the Parade’s End cast and crew are managing it beautifully. Oh, and speaking of beauty, if there was a BAFTA awarded for best pronunciation of the word “aesthetes” in a period drama, Benedict Cumberbatch would walk it.