Parade’s End – Episode 1 Reviews

The Guardian – Euan Ferguson- 26 August 2012

Much has been written of late about big Benny, thanks to a mad little non-row about class, but let’s leave aside the man for a moment, what a bloody actor.

The Independent – Mike Higgins – 26 August 2012

Tom Stoppard’s script gleefully lobbed zingers such as these in Cumberbatch’s direction, and he duly belted them into touch, with that aristocratic thousand-yard stare he has made his own.

The Times – Sarah Vine – 25 August 2012

Cumberbatch is thrilling and compelling as Christopher Tietjens, a son of Yorkshire gentry, a government statistician and the doting father to a son who is probably not his.

The Times – Andrew Billen- 25 August 2012

Well, for a start there is Benedict Cumberbatch as Tietjens. Cumberbatch brings humour and an awkward, adolescent vulnerability to everything he does.

The Guardian – Sam Wollaston – 25 August 2012

Cumberbatch is superb as Christopher Tietjens – buttoned-up, clever, honourable, peculiarly English but also oddly endearing.

The Independent – Gerard Gilbert – 25 August 2012

Tietjens, the self-proclaimed “last Tory”, whose world, according to Sylvia, “ended long ago … in the 18th century”, is not easy to warm to, and you can understand why Stoppard wooed Cumberbatch so assiduously. Perhaps no other actor of his generation is quite so capable of suggesting the tumult beneath a crusty, seemingly inert surface.

Herald Scotland – Barry Didcock – 25 August 2012

Cumberbatch’s physical oddness, his gravity and his Etonian drawl make him perfect for the role of the thoughtful, upper-class Tietjens, and he’s never less than captivating.

The Telegraph – James Walton – 24 August 2012

Playing Christopher, Benedict Cumberbatch proves particularly good at conveying suppressed pain — which, given how much pain he has to suppress, is just as well.