War Horse Reviews

The Times- Kate Muir – January 2012
Steven Spielberg has turned the spare, minimalist play of War Horse into a sweeping, schmaltzy epic movie, but its power is undeniable.

The Telegraph – Robbie Collin – 12 January 2012
This is filmmaking on a grand scale, bound by a grand vision, bolstered by grand performances and swept along by a grand old John Williams soundtrack.   

Empire Magazine – Ian Freer – January 2012
War Horse is bold, exquisite family filmmaking in the grandest Hollywood tradition. Be warned: whether you’re a hippophile or not, it’s a four-hankie moviegoing experience.

The Sun – Alex Zane – 13 January 2012
Cue the kind of astounding action spectacle that Spielberg is famous for. There’s a thunderous 300-strong cavalry charge — led by Benedict Cumberbatch and Tom Hiddleston’s army officers — that momentarily recalls the long-grass raptor attack in The Lost World

Entertainment Weekly – Lisa Schwarzbaum – 4 January 2012 
This is a beautifully built, classically framed movie, shot with the unshowy natural expressiveness of a John Ford Western by Spielberg’s great cinematographer, Janusz Kaminski.

The Herald – Robert Horton – 25 December 2011
The humans are played by fine actors, including Emily Watson and Benedict Cumberbatch (currently onscreen in “Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy”), but Joey is the star.

NY Magazine -David Edelstein – 23 December 2011
But there’s nothing simpleminded about how he uses movie magic, as a spell to dispel nihilism, to save us from the worst of ourselves by summoning up the best.

Cumberbatchweb Review – 19 December 2011
War Horse is a gorgeously shot film featuring many fine performances. It effortlessly balances humour and pathos and the battle sequences are extraordinary – exhilarating and harrowing in equal measure. 

Filmonic – Ben – 18 December 2011
War Horse will gallop away with your heart.

The Hollywood Reporter – Todd McCarthy – 15 December 2011
The cast is exemplary down the line, with both names and newcomers delivering expansive, emotional and almost entirely sympathetic performances.

Variety – Justin Chang – 15 December 2011
Despite these hurdles, the actors do much to distinguish themselves in their allotted screentime. Mullan, Watson and Irvine give warm, expressive life to the hard-luck Narracotts, while the excellent Hiddleston and Benedict Cumberbatch, as the captain’s surlier comrade, ease the film’s tricky shift into the war zone.

Time Magazine – Richard Corliss – 7 December 2011
Boldly emotional, nakedly heartfelt, War Horse will leave only the stoniest hearts untouched.

The Telegraph – Joe Marino – 26 November 2011
The film is genuine in its emotion, unflinching in its reality, epic in its grandiosity, effective in its performances, and imaginative in its storytelling.

Aint it Cool News – Nordling – 3 November 2011
The acting is top-notch, especially from Emily Watson and Benedict Cumberbatch.