The Fifth Estate Reviews


The Telegraph – Tim Robey – 6 September 2013
Benedict Cumberbatch is inspiredly cast, serving up a technically ingenious performance which may be his juiciest ever. 

The Independent – Kaleem Aftab – 6 September 2013
Cumberbatch as the awkward Australian Assange performs a masterclass in mimicry.

The Guardian – Catherine Shoard – 6 September 2013
As for Cumberbatch, he’s both the asset and the slight undoing; so magnetic as to render hopes of a two-hander redundant. 

HitFix Com – Drew McWeeny – 6 September 2013
I also think Benedict Cumberbatch does eerie work as Assange, vanishing into him to such a degree that it almost feels like Cumberbatch curdled

Collider – Matt Goldberg – 6 September 2013
Condon paints a compelling portrait both of Assange and the brave new world created by his controversial brand of journalism.

The Playlist – Kevin Jagernauth – 6 September 2013
If there is any digital silver lining in this movie… it’s the performances of Cumberbatch and Brühl (with the former nailing Assange’s distinct accent).

Jo Blo.Com- Chris Bumbray – 6 September 2013
Benedict Cumberbatch bears an uncanny likeness to the man, and brilliantly captures the mannerisms he’s displayed in interviews.

Variety – Dennis Harvey – 5 September 2013
Hardworking Cumberbatch captures Assange’s slightly otherworldly air, as well as numerous creepier qualities