August Osage County Reviews

Variety -Scott Foundas – 10 September 2013
Cumberbatch is very touching as the clumsy, unemployed young man whose diminutive name is one of Letts’ few overtly symbolic touches

Cinema Blend – Sean O’Connell – 10 September 2013
Uniformly, the cast is fantastic, with Streep and Roberts serving as the expected scene-stealers.

Screen Daily – Tim Grierson- 10 September 2013
Acting with a capital “A” dominates August: Osage County…Benedict Cumberbatch, nicely playing against type

The Telegraph- Tim Robey – 10 September 2013
 Chris Cooper, as Violet’s brother-in-law, and Benedict Cumberbatch, as her nephew, have their affecting moments.

The Hollywood Report – David Rooney – 9 September 2013
Playing against type as a man inured to being treated as invisible or regarded as a loser, Cumberbatch is also quite touching.

Film School Rejects- Kate Erbland – 9 September 2013
Starring a tremendously talented cast..the revelation of an entirely new side of Cumberbatch (he’s about as from Khan as it gets here).