12 years a Slave Reviews

BuzzFeed – Adam B Vary – 7 September 2013

12 Years a Slave… is nothing less than the most emotionally powerful film I have seen in a decade, at least.

Entertainment Weekly – Owen Glieberman – 7 September 2013

It’s a movie of such humanity and grace that at every moment, you feel you’re seeing something essential.

Jo Blo.com – Chris Bumbray – 7 September 2013

McQueen’s made another unquestionably great movie, and one that after you see it, you likely won’t ever be able to forget.

Screen Daily – Tim Grierson – 7 September 2013

An engrossing, unsentimental odyssey…

The Guardian – Paul MacInnes – 7 September 2013

Stark, visceral and unrelenting, 12 Years a Slave is not just a great film but a necessary one.

Hollywood Reporter – Todd McCarthy – 31 August 2013

Chiwetel Ejiofor leads a fine cast with a superior performance as the real-life Solomon Northup

Variety – Peter Debruge- 31 August 2013
This epic account of an unbreakable soul makes even Scarlett O’Hara’s struggles seem petty by comparison.

IndieWire – Eric Kohn – 31 August 2013
More than a powerful elegy, “12 Years a Slave” is a mesmerizing triumph of art and polemics

HitFix – Gregory Ellwood – 31 August 2013
McQueen is also blessed by fantastic small performances by a number of great actors including…Benedict Cumberbatch as Northup’s sympathetic (to a degree) first owner.