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doctor-strange-2016-poster-impossibilitiesThe Telegraph – Tim Robey – 4 Stars
..amid all the film’s wacky-trippy bending of space and time, Cumberbatch manages to steer an ideal path 

USA Today – Brian Truitt – 3 stars
And with Cumberbatch as a fellow who’s perfectly Strange, this Doctor is down to leave you spellbound.

Radio Times – Alan Jones – 5 Stars
Cumberbatch was born to play this defining big screen role (his talent to inhabit every part he plays and make them his own is just extraordinary)

The Guardian – Peter Bradshaw – 4 Stars
It’s a tremendously engaging and likeable superhero ride, in which the classiest of casts show they know exactly where to take it seriously – and where to inject the fun.

GQ Magazine – Helen O’Hara
Doctor Strange is one of Marvel’s most impressive yet

Variety – Peter Debruge
…the studio has created a thrilling existential dilemma in which its flawed hero’s personal search for purpose dovetails beautifully with forays into the occult New Age realm of magic and sorcery where Doctor Strange ultimately finds his calling.

Entertainment Weekly – Chris Nashawaty
But the studio’s latest, Doctor Strange, wouldn’t work as well it as it does (and it mostly works very, very well) without Benedict Cumberbatch and Tilda Swinton

Empire Online – James Dyer – 4 Stars
As the Sorcerer Supreme, Cumberbatch demonstrates an easy charm, overriding the character’s playboy smugness and leavening talk of Dormammu, Agamotto and the Wands of Watoomb with a wry sense of humour.

Toronto Sun – Bruce Kirkland – 4 Stars
…he is blessed with an utterly engaging and convincing performance by English superstar Benedict Cumberbatch

Comic Book – Jeff Cannata
I loved Dr Strange and think it is among the very best Marvel films to date. The incredible action sequences, a charming, funny lead, and some of the coolest visualization of magic ever put on screen make it an easy movie to recommend to comic book fans and movie fans alike.

Indie Wire- David Ehrlich
Doctor Strange is a superhero movie that often feels as though it’s been shot through a kaleidoscope — it’s hollow, hypnotic, and every twist of the tube reflects a beautiful new dimension of infinite possibilities.

Games Radar – James Mottram – 4 Stars
Strange’s journey along the path of enlightenment is a typically quicksilver affair: funny, thrilling, and engrossing, it sprinkles some fresh ingredients into the MCU pot to ensure this doesn’t feel like just another spandex saga. 

NME – Nick Levine – 4 Stars
If this year’s crop of comic book movies has been disappointing for some, Doctor Strange is an eleventh hour consolation prize.

The Independent – Jack Shepherd – 3 Stars
The performance is funny while also serious, marking another brilliant casting decision by Marvel.