The Hobbit

Benedict Cumberbatch appears in The Hobbit as both Smaug the dragon and the voice of the Necromancer.

Directed by Peter Jackson The Hobbit is a trilogy of films which started with The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey which was released on 14 December 2012. It was followed by The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug which was released on 13 December 2013 and the final instalment The Hobbit: There and Back Again was released on 18 July 2014.

The Hobbit stars Martin Freeman (John Watson in BBC’s Sherlock) as Bilbo Baggins. The film also stars a host of well known British actors including Richard Armitage (Thorin Oakenshield), Billy┬áConnolly (Dain II Ironfoot), Stephen Fry (the Master of Laketown), Sylvester McCoy (Radagast the Brown), James Nesbitt (Bofur), Ken Stott (Balin), Luke Evans (Bard the Bowman) and Aidan Turner (Kili).

Reprising their roles from The Lord of the Rings trilogy are Sir Ian McKellen (Gandalf), Elijah Wood (Frodo Baggins), Cate Blanchett (Galadriel), Orlando Bloom (Legolas) Hugo Weaving (Elrond) and Andy Serkis as Gollum.

Benedict Cumberbatch will portray Smaug through the use of motion capture technology and will voice the Necromancer (the character ultimately revealed to be Sauron).