Burlesque Fairytales

Benedict Cumberbatch appears in the short film Burlesque Fairytales.

“Welcome to Burlesque Fairytales, a night of revelation at the Chapel Theatre.”

At least that’s what it says on the flyer. But this 1930s fashionable London audience are in for a surprise. Things are not what they seem at The Chapel Theatre and soon it dawns on them that this is no ordinary night out. For a start they can’t remember how they got there, now that they’ve arrived, the doors to the theatre are bolted shut, they are trapped inside. As the film progresses in real time, the stage play hosts five fairy tales. In these tales a mixture of stage, film, animation, giant set pieces and natural elements playing out inside the theatre create a fantastical story telling experience. But time is short, the moment of truth is coming and the audience have just one last chance to save themselves.

This award winning debut feature film by writer director Susan Luciani stars Benedict Cumberbatch (Sherlock Holmes) Jim Carter (Golden Compass) Lindsay Duncan (Rome) Stephen Campbell Moore (History Boys) and Barbara Flynn (Miss Potter).

Burlesque Fairytales is produced by DoubleBarrel Productions. It is available to rent for $7 for 24 hours.