Ask Benedict – The Imitation Game Twitter Q&A

AskBCOn 8 October Benedict Cumberbatch took part in a twitter Q&A answering questions on the upcoming release of The Imitation Game. Below is a transcript of the questions and answers:


@LisaYoungIn  How was filming at Bletchley Park where the whole story actually happened? What was your feeling coming there?


@DetectiveShezza  Do you prefer to play fictional characters or real life people?

“Sorry but I like both”

@_cumberston__ what was your favourite subject during your school years?

“history and english”

@cumberbqtchs what time period would you go back to if you could?

“The time when my grandparents were alive and young”

@sapw  When you create a character, what comes first? I have always assumed it was the voice.

“It’s different every time”

@Lovebenedictcsh How did it feel when you completed filming of the movie?      

“Sad to be letting my version of Alan go. Hoping that we had done him justice”

@_ciararosney What’s one thing you miss when you’re away from home filming?

“Family and friends”

@helena9j Which is Alan Turing’s character trait, you have got too?

“An inability to answer that question”

@cumberbatchfrm Does head or heart rule when choosing the next role?

“it’s different every time but you can’t do one without the other”

@HaveYouMetLucie What was your feeling after reading the script of The Imitation Game ?

“At first amused then engaged, thrilled, horrified and enraged at the injustice he suffered”

@221benaddict What was your main motivation to do this film?

 “To try and inhabit this extraordinary man and tell his story”

@cumbarbatch Have you ever been injured on stage or on the set?

 “Lots of times in Frankenstein – cuts and bruises. A couple of minor injuries on Sherlock and Star Trek”

@TKingOfEngland Sir, other than learning more about the genius Alan Turing, what else can we learn from this movie?

 “The brilliant work of quiet heroes at Bletchley Park. How near to losing the war we were”

@renaissanceeast What was the hardest part about Turing for you to relate to?

“The brilliance of his mind as a pure mathematician. I was terrible at maths at school”

@xallonsyloki What do you like the most about Alan?

“Leech or Turing? If former EVERYTHING! If latter, how deeply he felt in his too brief life”

@lastbirdtoleave What’s your favorite quote from The Imitation Game?

‘It is the very people who no one imagines anything of who do the things that no one can imagine'”

@Whaddupshezza can you speak another language?

“je parle un peu de français”

@winniekpx What’s your most memorable experience in Bletchley Park?

 “First time I visited and stepping on set in character”

@em_ily221b Have you always wanted to be an actor? If not, what careers had you considered before, or when you were a child?

 “I wanted to be a barrister for a little while”

@mylittlelotte How was it like to work with Keira Knightley and the rest of the cast?

 “A joy. Keira and Matt G, old friends. Leech and Beardy, instant classics…”

@volatpropriiss What was your first thought when they told you you had the chance to ‘be’ Alan Turing?

 “Absolutely thrilled.”

@winniekpx Do you have a step-by-step process on memorising your lines, especially monologues?

“Sadly not, I wish I did. Familiarity, followed by breaking it down and then endless testing”

@LisaYoungIn Turing had a very unique way to speak. How hard was it to imitate (haha) it, and did you get any help for it?

“In a word, difficult. There were no recordings of him speaking to imitate, we only base it on hearsay.”

@AnnikaKovacs If you would have a free hour,you could sit down onto a bench to talk with someone,the person who would it be?

“My grandfathers, both of whom I’ve never met.”

@Whaddupshezza what’s your favourite thing about filming?

“Camaraderie on set with cast and crew. Beyond that, I don’t really do favourites

From Benedict: “Thanks for tuning in. Sorry, can’t function in 140 characters #BenedictWillNeverJoinTwitterPhew!”