Fanmail and Autographs

I’d like to send some fanmail to Benedict Cumberbatch. How do I contact him?
You can contact Benedict by writing to:

Benedict Cumberbatch, c/o Conway Van Gelder Grant, 3rd Floor, 8-12 Broadwick Street, London, W1F 8HW, England

Professional Enquiries
For all professional enquiries regarding Benedict including interview requests please contact Conway Van Gelder Grant.

Please note that I cannot assist you in arranging an interview with Benedict.

Can I contact Benedict by email?
No – he does not have a publicly accessible email address. I cannot provide you with his details.

It’s my daughter’s birthday next week. Can Benedict please send a birthday card/record a birthday message/do a birthday phone call?
Requests for birthday videos/phone calls/skype chats now overwhelmingly represent the vast majority of the email I receive with hundreds of requests a month. I’m terribly sorry but I’m afraid Benedict isn’t able to fulfill requests like this.

Someone I love is terminally ill and all they want is to meet Benedict/speak to him on the phone for a few minutes. Can you arrange that for me please?
I’m desperately sorry to hear that but I’m afraid I don’t have the power to arrange anything like that. Please address such requests directly to Benedict’s agency Conway Van Gelder Grant.

If I write to Benedict or send him something to sign will he send me an autograph?
Unfortunately due to the sheer volume of fanmail he receives (hundreds of letters a week) Benedict is unable to respond personally to fanmail. However, he greatly appreciates all the kind words and support that he receives and he values his fans very much.

How do I know that if I send something to Benedict it will get to him?
All mail sent to Conway Van Gelder Grant for Benedict is passed on to him.

I wrote a letter to Benedict 3 months ago which contained a present – can you check whether he received it please?
While I work closely with Benedict’s agency and publicist on matters connected to the website I am not employed by them. I do not see any of the fanmail that is sent to Benedict and cannot check whether something has been received or passed on to him.

OK so I can’t easily get an autograph in the post from Benedict but you can send me one right? I’m happy to pay.
I’m afraid the site can’t provide anyone with autographs.

I’m from a charity and we’d like an autographed photo of Benedict for our raffle. How can I get one please?
Please send all such requests via Conway Van Gelder Grant

Promotion & PR

Benedict is starring in our film/tv series/theatrical production/featured in our book/music project/appearing at our charity gala will you help us promote it please?
Of course. Contact me on [email protected] to discuss how I can help.


I’m coming to the UK in (insert month here). Where can I see Benedict please? I’d like to meet him.
I’m afraid I am not provided with Benedict’s daily schedule. I also cannot tell you where he will be months in advance. Any publicly accessible event that we have had confirmed that Benedict will be appearing at will be promoted on the front page of the website and mentioned on twitter/tumblr. For the most up to date information on Benedict’s appearances please follow Cumberbatchweb on twitter/tumblr which are updated several times a day. If you do not wish to join either social network you can simply bookmark the pages for information.


I understand that Benedict will be appearing in Hamlet at some point in the future can you tell me more about that?

Benedict Cumberbatch will be performing Hamlet for Sonia Friedman productions at the Barbican Centre for 12 weeks from August 2015. The production is now sold out but 100 £10 seats for every performance will be released at some point in 2015.
You can read a detailed FAQ courtesy of the Barbican providing pricing information and all other key details here.

Social Media

Is Benedict Cumberbatch on twitter/instagram?
No. Benedict is most definitely NOT on twitter/instagram/facebook or any other form of social media. Anyone claiming to be him on there is a fake.

Please note that media outlets unfortunately frequently link to fake accounts so please be wary. Known fakes include @benedictcumb. 

Please don’t be confused by fans who use “Benedict Cumberbatch” in their profile details rather than their twitter handle. I’m afraid Benedict Cumberbatch himself is not following or re-tweeting you.

Does Benedict have a fanclub?

No he doesn’t and nor is there any intent to start one. Please don’t give any money to anyone purporting to be running a fanclub for Benedict. Such a club will not be endorsed by Benedict or his team.


What is Benedict’s natural hair colour?

I saw a picture of Benedict with (insert name of pretty female who happened to stand next to him for 2 seconds). Is he dating her? Who is his girlfriend?
Benedict became engaged to actress and theatre director Sophie Hunter in 2014. Beyond that the site doesn’t discuss his personal life.

What is Benedict’s blood type? What hour was he born?
Whilst I appreciate your enthusiasm for trivia these are questions you’d need to ask his mother Wanda Ventham.

Will Benedict ever come to (insert country name here)?
I am sure Benedict would love to and will do so if his work takes him there. Any planned promotional activities abroad will be mentioned on the site.

What is the story behind Benedict’s bracelet and where can I buy it?
The bracelet is made by Swedart. It’s an authentic Sami bracelet made in Lapland, Sweden. It is made of black reindeer leather with pewter braid and hand carved reindeer antler button. You can buy the bracelet here. Alternatively email [email protected] to order.

Where can I buy Benedict’s grey bridge t-shirt?
You can buy it from Brooklyn Industries. They also have a women’s version of the tee.

I need to contact Benedict directly. Can you please provide me with his mobile number/email address/home address please? I have a legit reason for asking I promise.
I don’t have any of Benedict’s personal details and if I did I wouldn’t send them to you. Please respect his privacy.


So who the hell are you then? Do you work for Benedict? Are you his friend?
I’m just a fan who set up the website four years ago. I was lucky enough to see Benedict at one of the last performances of After the Dance at the National Theatre and raved to my friends about his superb performance in it. They were upset they hadn’t known it was on and noted that there wasn’t an up to date site on the web at that time that they could look to providing people with information on Benedict. I set up the website/twitter shortly afterwards with the view of providing about 5 friends with information on Benedict and sharing pictures of him. It’s rather grown…

So you get paid to do this then?
Not a penny.

Is your site popular?
It averages about 200,000 unique visitors a month with approximately 150,000 followers across our social media platforms (growing steadily by the week)

I’d love to help with your site and can provide you with a reasonable estimate for doing so.
Help is always appreciated and I am eternally grateful to all who send me pictures/news/articles etc for the site. However as the site is entirely self funded and is not profit generating I cannot pay anyone for any work.