Benedict Cumberbatch has narrated a variety of projects over the years. A sample are included below:

Benedict Cumberbatch opens the BBC’s coverage of London 2012

Stephen Hawking’s Grand Design and Into the Universe (called Stephen Hawking’s Universe in the UK) – Benedict Cumberbatch has narrated both these series for the Discovery channel.

Moby Dick “Big Read” ProjectBenedict Cumberbatch read a chapter for this project to celebrate Melville’s novel.

The Dreams of William Golding – Benedict read some of Golding’s work for this BBC 2 Arena special.

The Nightjar– Benedict Cumberbatch narrated this innovative audio only game for the iphone.

South Pacific– Benedict narrated this 6 part series for the BBC.

The extraordinary wildlife, culture and history of this immense, fascinating ocean and its myriad islands are revealed in stunning detail in this acclaimed BBC series.

With its coral reefs, turquoise lagoons and dramatic oceanic atolls, the South Pacific is the archetypal paradise. But from the shores of Hawaii to Easter Island and a thousand tiny remote islands, this ocean holds some of the most bizarre and intriguing surprises on Earth…

Picture This – Benedict narrates a series on photography.