Cabin Pressure

Benedict Cumberbatch stars as Captain Martin Crieff in Cabin Pressure – a BBC Radio 4 sitcom written by John Finnemore.

Cabin Pressure revolves around the lives of the staff of MJN Air – a small one plane charter airline run by Carolyn Knapp-Shappey (Stephanie Cole). MJN Air’s one plane (Gertie) is staffed by Captain Martin Crieff (who has wanted to be an airline pilot since he was 6 and is so desperate to be allowed to fly that he works for free) and First Officer Douglas Richardson (Roger Allam) a smooth highly capable pilot with light fingers who ends up working for MJN Air after losing his previous job. Douglas and Martin are helped (or hindered) by Caroline’s excitable son Arthur (John Finnemore) who provided passenger service.

The highly regarded series has won several awards including best radio comedy (2011) as awarded by the Writers Guild of Great Britain.

There were four series of the show, a Christmas special and a two-part finale Zurich.

The show’s episode titles are place names and have so far featured in alphabetical order from Abu Dhabi to Zurich.

You can buy Cabin Pressure on Itunes, by Amazon download or on cd (containing inserts with John Finnemore’s artwork).