Audio Books


Benedict Cumberbatch is in great demand as a narrator of audio books. Below is a section of the various books Benedict has narrated and links to buy them to the extent that they’re available.

Sherlock Holmes: The Rediscovered Railway Mysteries and other stories by John Taylor
Includes the tales ‘An Inscrutable Masquerade’, ‘The Conundrum of Coach 13’, ‘The Trinity Vicarage Larceny’ and ‘The 10.59 Assassin’. (Amazon)

Words for You – The Next Chapter
Words for You is an album of poetry set to classical music.It raises funds for I Can – the children’s communication charity.
Benedict Cumberbatch reads Kubla Khan by Coleridge, Jabberwocky by Lewis Carroll and the hugely popular Ode to a Nightingale by Keats. The tracks can be downloaded individually for 89p each.

Death in a White Tie by Ngaio Marsh
The season had begun.Débutantes and chaperons were planning their luncheons, teas, dinners, balls. And the blackmailer was planning his strategies, stalking his next victim. But Chief-Detective Inspector Roderick Alleyn knew that something was up. He had already planted his friend Lord Robert Gospell at the scene. But someone else got there first… (Amazon)

Artists in Crime by Ngaio Marsh
It started as a student exercise, the knife under the drape, the model’s pose chalked in place. But before Agatha Troy, artist and instructor, returns to the class, the pose has been re-enacted in earnest: the model is dead, fixed for ever in one of the most dramatic poses Troy has ever seen.
It’s a difficult case for Chief Detective Inspector Alleyn. How can he believe that the woman he loves is a murderess? And yet no one can be above suspicion… (Amazon)

Scales of Justice by Ngaio Marsh
The lives of the inhabitants of Swevenings are disrupted only by a fierce competition to catch the Old Un, a monster trout known to dwell in a beautiful stream which winds past their homes. Then one of their small community is found brutally murdered; beside him is the freshly killed trout. Both died by violence – but Chief Detective Inspector Roderick Alleyn’s murder investigation seems to be much more interested in the fish… (Amazon)

Casanova – The Venetian Years
The first part of the Memoirs of Giacomo Casanova, a special film tie-in version (Amazon)

Doctor Who: Forty Five (Big Finish)
Benedict Cumberbatch appears as Howard Carter in the first story on this cd – False Gods (Amazon)

Blake’s 7 The Early Years (The Dust Run and The Trial) by Simon Guerrier
The Dust Run: Jenna Stannis has grown up as a spacer, where the normal rules don’t apply. No school, no police, no public imperatives that’s still all to come. But the situation on Earth is changing and the effects are slowly being felt throughout the Vega system. It’s going to mean trouble for a brash boy called Townsend who Jenna doesn’t fancy at all. Soon Jenna and Townsend are competing in the Dust Run racing shuttles through an asteroid field without using computers, making the complex calculations in their heads. It s dangerous, fool-hardy and really good fun. But they re playing for the highest of stakes…
The Trial: The election is going to change everything. A man called Roj Blake promises the voters new hope, an end to years of corruption. There are those who can t let him be heard. But Jenna Stannis is determined to get his message out to the colonies. It’s been years since the Dust Run, and Jenna’s a changed woman. She s left the Vega system far behind, using her exceptional piloting skills to carve out a life as a smuggler. Blake’s message could earn her a fortune – or cost her, her life. (Amazon)

The Tempest -Sir Ian McKellen is Prospero, and heads a strong cast in Shakespeare’s last great play. The wronged duke raises a tempest to shipwreck his old opponents on his island so that he can ensure justice is done. With Benedict Cumberbatch as Ferdinand, Emilia Fox as Miranda, Scott Handy in the pivotal role of the sprite Ariel and Ben Owukwe as Caliban, this new production directed by John Tydeman, balances the magic and the earthiness with music playing a key role. (Naxos)