Cumberbatchweb – Fan Spotlight

It’s a quiet (ish) time at the moment in the run up to the release of Avengers Infinity War. So it seemed like an ideal time to shine the spotlight on you – the fans.

We’ll be doing two showcases.

The first is for the fan artists amongst you.

The idea is for fans submit pieces of their artwork & we’ll  showcase a variety of the pieces and their artists on the website. If people are interested enough we could make it a bi-monthly thing showcasing different people each time.

If you’re interested send artwork to contact @  benedictcumberbatch. with the heading Fan Art Showcase

Art can be in any medium and related to any work Benedict has done. Submissions must be suitable for a general audience and you must be the original artist and own the copyright for the piece you are submitting.

Not an artist? Not a problem Send us your Benedict Tales! If you’ve met Benedict and would like to share the experience or if you havent but want to discuss how much a particular piece of his work means to you then send us an email at the same address and we’ll feature the best of them.

Aiming to have the showcase up in March.